ill fated fellows

Saturday, October 7, 2006

my bizzare crushes..

i luv to be in darkness
i luv to peep into the heart of darkness
i love to sit by my window at night..alone,
i love to walk through the darkness..alone,
i luv to get shut in ma room vid lights off
but with a melting candle, to memor ma melting memories..
i lov to get spell-bound in my dreams
i don lik to talk ..sometymz
i don lik to smile .s.ometymz
[but most often im forced to do so]
i lov to get soaked in rain, in a starlit night
i lov to see the trotting clouds, in a moonlit night
i lov to see things blurred,
when ma eyes get filled with tears
i lov the coolness of ma cheek, when tears flow through it
i lov to keep ma eyelids closed bcuz,
den only i can keep darkness in ma eyes
i enjoy the solitude n seclusion of darkness
i luv to be covered in black clothes
i lov ma shadow, whichz black in colour
i get consoled only when the quills of darkness hugs me
i lov to share ma 'self' vid the mind of darkness
i'm under solitary confinement in darkness confined..
confined to MYSELF
i dearie anything n everything in black
May be bcuz my heart is black..
may be bcuz my mind is black..
may be bcuz my soul is black...

Monday, June 26, 2006


Do u 've any faith in POSITIVES..???
If so, IS der any thing called NEGATIVE..??
I mean the forces of Nature
Positives..dey r d Children of Heaven, And
Negatives- the Brats of Hell
We r prasing Angels
-who r also positives
But r afraid of the Fallen ones
-the instruments of darkness
They too r angels..., Angels of Hell - the Fallen Angles
The world we c is neutral
How it could b so?
Only with the presence of both positives and negatives
Day - exemplifies Divinity, and
Night - Supernaturalism
White - the hint of deity, stands for d Fortunate Isles
- the Abode of Bliss!!
Black, the croma of concealment and seclusion, stands for d Inferno
- the Abode of Damned!!
White always reflects light beautifully..
While black, always absorbs it mystically..
Darkness always remains as an iniquity.
He who comes frm obscurity, can b
a saint and a savage at once....
When d taloons of darkness penitrates, he becomes active...
He, the Shadowless can b d Shadow of Shadows..
You may say Devilish!!
But who is dis Devil???
May b the kins of Angel Lucifer...
Heaven, the divine abode, abode of Angels.., the island of blessed
Place of gains.., place of bliss and ecstacy
Hell, the damned abode, abode of Dark Angels.., the island of cursed
Place of lost.., place of torment
You may say Satanic!!
But who is dis Satan???
He is Lucifer, an Angel expelled from Heaven
Stars , emit light and are shining, but
What about Black Holes, the collapsed stars??
Engulfs everything, everything around it and
Preserves it in its Heart, a Heart of Mystery
Lucifer, a collapsed star, was once de Angel of Light, but now
Is the Prince of Darkness....!!!