ill fated fellows

Saturday, October 7, 2006

my bizzare crushes..

i luv to be in darkness
i luv to peep into the heart of darkness
i love to sit by my window at night..alone,
i love to walk through the darkness..alone,
i luv to get shut in ma room vid lights off
but with a melting candle, to memor ma melting memories..
i lov to get spell-bound in my dreams
i don lik to talk ..sometymz
i don lik to smile .s.ometymz
[but most often im forced to do so]
i lov to get soaked in rain, in a starlit night
i lov to see the trotting clouds, in a moonlit night
i lov to see things blurred,
when ma eyes get filled with tears
i lov the coolness of ma cheek, when tears flow through it
i lov to keep ma eyelids closed bcuz,
den only i can keep darkness in ma eyes
i enjoy the solitude n seclusion of darkness
i luv to be covered in black clothes
i lov ma shadow, whichz black in colour
i get consoled only when the quills of darkness hugs me
i lov to share ma 'self' vid the mind of darkness
i'm under solitary confinement in darkness confined..
confined to MYSELF
i dearie anything n everything in black
May be bcuz my heart is black..
may be bcuz my mind is black..
may be bcuz my soul is black...